Digital Signature

INVOIC signature for Spain, for the Czech Republic and France

Available for other countries on request – we make it possible!

It is well known that Spain has particularly stringent requirements for EDI invoicing. It is one thing for a digital signature to be required but quite another to implement the technical requirements in detail – many have given up on that.

EDICENTER has recently implemented a solution that was accepted even by GS1 Spain following an extensive series of trials. We are transmitting data live to Carrefour Spain and have successfully completed testing with Lidl Spain. This means that the way has been paved for supplying additional recipients in Spain with signed EDIFACT-INVOIC messages originating in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries.

Although supposedly standardised, the requirements differ strongly from country to country. The same goes for the individual retail chains. Carrefour requires another structure and other algorithms than Metro in the Czech Republic for example.

We are happy to advise you!

The digital signature (sometimes incorrectly referred to as an “electronic signature”) is similar to a handwritten signature and serves as a way of uniquely identifying the sender of a message (or file).

There are a number of ways to digitally sign data, including:

  • Simply naming the sender (e.g. the “signature” in email clients, consisting only of details about the sender at the end of the message text)
  • Signed and encrypted PDF invoices (usually attached to an email)
  • Highly secure, officially recognised certified solutions (qualified digital signature, with or without Provider accreditation)

Items you need to consider:

  • Varying security requirements
  • Differing legal requirements
  • Various software manufacturers
  • Software environment in which the signature solution will be embedded (email clients, EDI converters, web forms etc.)
  • Hardware environment (e.g. card reader for entering PIN codes)

Depending on these parameters, the effort required to introduce such a system can vary within a very broad range.

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