Brands of the EDI Center GmbH

European word / figurative trademark “EDICENTER” (the picture corresponds to the company logo), registration number 014692636.

International figurative trademark “EDICENTER” (the image corresponds to the company logo) for Belarus, the Russian Federation, Serbia and Switzerland

German word trademark “UNIDOC”, registration number 302016101158

German word trademark “easyedi”, registration number 30633465

German word trademark “my EDI”: rejected due to lack of distinctive character (§ 8 (2) no. 1)

Brands of Mr. Thomas Hacker

German word trademark “webedifact”: Registration number 39979581
(Free use by EDI Center GmbH has been approved.)

All trademarks of EDI Center GmbH and the managing director Thomas Hacker may only be used with the express written consent of the owner.