WebEDI is a web-based solution that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to exchange EDI data quickly and cost-effectively without separate EDI software required.

Especially small enterprises, with marginal data volumes, will feel the benefits of the solution, which enables EDI messages to be received, entered in a form and transmitted easily via web browser. The system converts data entries into the appropriate document format, with the documents then forwarded to the intended EDI partner.

  • You currently do not wish or hesitate to implement any interfaces with your ERP or merchandise management system?
  • You wish to avoid the start-up costs for hardware and/or software, along with the associated implementation expense?
  • You need a solution that is available at all times and from anywhere?
  • You appreciate simple and intuitive software?

You have come to the right place. We offer you a simple WebEDI solution for your company needs: WebEDIFACT®™.

EDI in the WebEDI process

WebEDIFACT®™ – for trade and the automotive industry

WebEDIFACT® is an EDI portal created by EDICENTER. The platform serves users as an EDI substitute, where short-term integration of EDI with the user’s ERP system is not possible or not worthwhile due to the marginal number of messages.

WebEDIFACT® is designed for standard business cases. It is not intended as a secondary ERP system. With the leanest design possible, the system is highly intuitive.

WebEDIFACT® features a user-friendly and efficient design while avoiding the visual frills of a ‘gaming’ application. Users are instantly impressed with the high-contrast, easily readable fonts and a very simple design.

WebEDIFACT® features

WebEDIFACT® can process these inbound EDI messages:

  • Orders (customer jobs)
  • Call-off deliveries (mostly for the automotive industry)

The message format (EDIFACT, VDA, IDoc etc.) received by EDICENTER plays no role here. We automatically convert the messages for you and display them on the portal. You optionally receive automatic email notification after every inbound order.

WebEDIFACT® can generate and transmit these outbound EDI messages:

  • Order confirmations
  • Shipping notifications (electronic delivery notes, including collective delivery notes) with or without SSCC (see below for details).
  • Invoices
  • Credits

Outbound messages are conveniently created by ‘converting’ orders, which the user then edits and transmits. Users can also create outbound messages entirely from scratch.

Packages using SSCC

  • All articles (delivery note items) can be assigned to packages
  • Packages can be broken down into hierarchies (pallet A contains three layers of type B with n cartons each and so forth).
  • Clearly structured display of hierarchies and volumes
  • Label printing (PDF)

Goods labels (in PDF format)

  • In the common standards VDA 4902 and VDA 4994 for the automotive industry; each label type available in the formats DIN A5 and for small lowered carriers (210 by 74 mm)
  • GS1 transport labels for wholesale and retail

Batches and serial numbers

  • A batch or serial number can be specified for each article item
  • With same-item packages, the batch or serial number is additionally printed to the GS1 standard on the SSCC label.

Special business functions

  • Forwarding of empties (deposit articles)
  • Modelling of complex surcharges and discounts (e.g. EDEKA discount in Germany)

Other convenient features

  • Despatch messages automatically checked for required details and plausibility
  • Messages easily duplicated, with message number issued and new document edited and forwarded
  • Editor forms optionally adapted to customer specifications (display or hiding of fields, adjustable widths)
  • Repository for customer master data (EDI partner addresses with GLN VAT ID numbers)
  • Repository for article master data for each EDI partner (listed with your customer including prices)

A simple video tutorial as well as separate tutorials for SSCC and collective delivery notes are available here: www.webedifact.com

You need to be aware that a WebEDI portal cannot and will not replace your ERP or merchandise management system. A portal of this kind usually has highly limited functionality and supports administration of only narrow master data. It is exclusively designed to enable receipt and display of EDI messages and to despatch EDI messages directly created by users.

Still, we will be happy to develop add-ons to meet your specific needs in highly specialised cases not covered by the standard version of WebEDIFACT®™. We always find a solution. Tell us about your needs well in advance.

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WebEDIFACT - Getting Started Tutorial

Despatch Advice Tutorial

®™ WebEDIFACT is a registered trademark of EDI Center GmbH, Neusäß, Germany