EDICENTER was founded under the leadership of Thomas Hacker as a subsidiary of the Hörauf & Kohler company group on 3 September 1997. This company group employs a staff of more than 400 in the German regions of Bavaria and Swabia. The group supplies plastic products to customers active in the areas of engineering (automotive and electrical) and consumer goods retailing.r (Clearing und WebEDIFACT®) in 1998.

EDICENTER – with a background in practice

While EDICENTER initially realised EDI projects mostly within the parent company group, the focus shifted more and more in time to providing services to external customers. EDI Center launched the successful product EDI Conversion Center.

EDICENTER – always in step with change

In 2000, we began to develop and distribute supply chain management solutions (see Pay-on-Scan / VMI). The company, having grown to a staff of 10, became independent from the parent company in the same year. Thomas Hacker has since then been the sole shareholder in the company.

EDICENTER – individual advice delivered personally

Whether it be VMI, RFID, SSCC or batch tracing, we always keep step with changes and inform you about your customers’ newest requirements and wishes.