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Our EDI Partners

By an “EDI partner” we mean a company that we have connected to our data center on behalf of our customers, ie a business partner of our customers.

The following table lists a number of these EDI partners. It makes no claim to completeness and is constantly growing. Of course, we have also connected a lot of lesser-known companies (including many SMEs) that can not all be mentioned here. The connection of new partners is possible at any time.

As a special service, we connect the most popular EDI partners as so-called “standard EDI partners” (highlighted in color) without any mapping costs, provided you use our XML interface UNIDOC® as an inhouse format. This applies to incoming purchase orders (EDI ORDERS) as well as outgoing despatch advises (EDI DESADV) and invoices (EDI INVOIC). We are happy to advise you about the details!






A.S. Watson NL ASWATS Retail
Acer EMEA DE ACERZZ ITK and Energy
Adeg AT ADEGAT Retail
Adler DE ADLERZ Retail
Ahold (Albert Heijn) NL AHEIJN Retail
ALDI Süd und Hofer DE / AT / SI / HU /IE / CH / UK / US / AU ALDIDE aldiho Retail
Amazon EU / US / CN AMAZON amazon Retail
Amprion (Stromnetz) DE AMPRIO ITK and Energy
Audi DE / world AUDIZZ vwagde Automotive
Bahag (Bauhaus) DE BAHAGZ   DIY and Furniture
Baumax AT BAUMAX DIY and Furniture
Baywa DE BAYWA DIY and Furniture
Becker + Hach DE BECKHA Consumer Goods
Bentley DE / world BENTLE Automotive
Beru DE / world BERUZZ Automotive
Billa AT REWBIL reweat Retail
BML-Gruppe (Rewe AT) AT REWEAT reweat Retail
BMW AG DE / world BMWZZZ bmwzzz Automotive
Bosch DE / world BOSCHZ bosceu Automotive
Boss DE BOSSZZ Fashion
Branion DE BRANIO soenne Buying Group
Breuninger DE BREUNI Retail
Brillux DE BRILLX Other Industry
Brose DE BROSEZ Automotive
Brother DE BROTHE Consumer Goods
Budnikowski DE BUDNIK Retail
Caparol DE CAPARO Other Industry
Carrefour Belgien BE CARRBE carref Retail
Carrefour Frankreich FR CARRFR carref Retail
Carrefour Spanien
(Digitale Signatur!)
ES CARRES carref Retail
Caterpillar US BUEROR Automotive
Conrad Electronic DE CONRAD Retail
Continental DE / world CONTIN Automotive
Dachser DE / world DACHSE Transport
DAF NL DAFZZZ Automotive
Daimler DE / world DAIMLE daimle Automotive
Dehn Logistik DE DEHNZZ Transport
dennree DE DENNRE Retail
Deutsche Telekom DE TELEKO ITK and Energy
dm Deutschland DE DMDEZZ dmdrog Retail
dm Österreich AT DMATZZ dmdrog Retail
Dodenhof DE DODENH Retail
Dohle DE DOHLEZ   Retail
Domäne DE DOMAEN Retail
Douglas DE DOUGLA   Retail
E.ON Thüringen DE EONTHU ITK and Energy
E/D/E DE EDEZZZ Buying Group
EDEKA DE EDKZAG edkreg Retail
EDI@Energy DE EDINRG ITK and Energy
EK DE EKGROS Buying Group
Essers DE ESSERS Retail
Eurobaustoff DE EUROBS   Buying Group
Euronics DE EURONI Retail
Exide Technologies DE EXIDEZ Other Industry
expert Elektromärkte DE EXPERT Retail
Fegro: siehe Selgros DE / EU FEGSEL Retail
Feneberg Lebensmittel DE FENEBE Retail
Fisher Scientific US FISHER Other Industry
Ford Europa DE / world FORDZZ Automotive
Ford Türkei TR FORDTR Automotive
Galeria Kaufhof
(Hudson’s Bay)
DE / CA GALKAU   Retail
Gallhöfer DE GALLHO Retail
Gecon-Getränkering DE GECONZ Buying Group
GES DE GESGET Buying Group
GLOBUS Fachmärkte DE GLOBFM globus Retail
GLOBUS Logistik DE GLOBLO globus Retail
Globus Office World AG CH GLOBOF globus Retail
GLOBUS SB-Warenhaus DE GLOBSB globus Retail
GLOBUS Tschechien CZ GLOBCZ globus Retail
GO Gastro AT GOGAST Buying Group
Görtz DE GOERTZ Retail
Hagebau DE HAGEBA   DIY and Furniture
Heinz Europe EU / US HEINZZ Other Industry
Hella DE HELLAZ Automotive
Hellweg DE HELLWE DIY and Furniture
Hiendl: siehe Lutz-Gruppe DE / AT HIENDL xxlutz DIY and Furniture
Home24 DE HOME24 Retail
Hornbach DE HORNBA   DIY and Furniture
iden group DE IDENSG Retail
Ihr Platz DE IHRPLA Retail
Intermarche FR INTERM Retail
Intersport DE INTESP Retail
Iveco (Fiat) IT IVECOZ Automotive
IZW (Sparkassen) DE IZWSPA Banking
Karstadt / Quelle DE KARSTA   Retail
Kaufland DE KAUFLA   Retail
Lidl – alle Länder
(Digitale Signatur!)
DE / world LIDLZZ   Retail
LINDE Group DE / world LINDEM Other Industry
Lutz-Gruppe (XXXLutz) AT / DE / EU XXLUTZ   DIY and Furniture
Magna AT / world MAGNAA Automotive
MAN-Gruppe DE MANZZZ Automotive
Manor CH MANORZ Retail
Manutan FR MANUTA Retail
Markant Offenburg DE MARKNT marknt Banking / Retail
Markant ZEV AT MARKAT marknt Banking / Retail
McPaper DE MCPAPE Retail
Meffert DE MCPAPE Retail
Meflex DE MEFLEX Other Industry
Mercateo DE MERCAT Retail
Metro International CH / EU METINT Retail
Metro MGP DE METMGP metrde Retail
Metro Österreich AT MATRAT   Retail
Metro Tschechien
(Digitale Signatur!)
Möbel Boss DE MOEBOS DIY and Furniture
Möbel Mann DE MOEMAN DIY and Furniture
MTH Retail Services AT MTHRET mthret Retail
Mühl AG DE MUEHLA DIY and Furniture
Müller Ulm DE MUELLE   Retail
Nestlé CH / world NESTLE Other Industry
Netto DE NETTOZ   Retail
Netto Dänemark DK NETTDK Retail
Network Toys Germany DE NTGEDI Buying Group
Obi Deutschland DE OBIDEZ obigrp Retail
Obi “Ost” AT / SI OBIATZ obigrp Retail
Obi Schweiz CH OBICHZ obigrp Retail
OET Energy BG OETNRG ITK and Energy
Osram DE OSRAMZ Other Industry
Otto (mit Baur) DE OTTOZZ   Retail
PBS Easy DE PBSEAS Buying Group
Phoenix / Phönix DE PHOENI ITK and Energy
POCO Nederland NL / DE POCONL Retail
Point S DE POINTS Automotive
Porsche DE / world PORSCH Automotive
Printus DE PRINTU Retail
Procter & Gamble DE / AT / CH / IT PROGAM Other Industry
Raiffeisen Agrar DE RAIFFE Buying Group
Renault FR / TR RENAUL Automotive
Rewe Deutschland DE REWEZZ   Retail
Rewe Österrreich  AT REWEAT Retail
Richter + Frenzel DE RICHFR Other Industry
Roche CH ROCHEZ Other Industry
Rockwell DE ROCKWE Automotive
Roller DE ROLLER Retail
Rolls Royce UK ROLLSR bmwzzz Automotive
Rossmann Deutschland DE ROSSMA rossma Retail
Rossmann Ungarn HU ROSSHU rossma Retail
Rossmann Polen PL ROSSPL rossma Retail
Samsonite DE SAMSON Other Industry
Saturn Media DE / AT METSAT Retail
SCHEDL Automotive CZ / DE SCHEDL vwagde Automotive
Segmüller DE SEGMUE DIY and Furniture
Selgros (früher Fegro/Selg.) DE / EU FEGSEL   Retail
Siemens DE / world SIEMEN Other Industry
Sinn Leffers DE / NL SINLEF Fashion
SKODA / ŠKODA CZ SKODAA vwagde Automotive
Smart DE / CH / FR SMARTF daimle Automotive
Soennecken DE SOENNE soenne Buying Group
Sportscheck DE SPOSCH Retail
Staples DE STAPLE Retail
Stöver DE STOEVR Retail
Stuzza AT STUZZA Banking
tedox (Teppichdomäne) DE TEDOXZ   Retail
tegut DE TEGUTZ Retail
Tengelmann e-Stores DE TENGEL Retail
Toys’R’Us US / EU TOYSRU toyszz Retail
Toys’R’Us Frankreich
(Digitale Signatur!)
FR TOYSFR toyszz Retail
TransnetBW (Stromnetz) DE TRANBW ITK and Energy
Unilver Europe US / EU UNILEV Other Industry
Vedes DE VEDESZ Buying Group
Viking DE VIKING Retail
Volvo DE VOLVOZ Automotive
VR Diskontbank DE VRDISK Banking
VW DE / world VWAGZZ vwagde Automotive
VWR International US VWRINT Other Industry
WACKER Chemie DE WACKER Other Industry
Wöhrl DE WOEHRL Fashion
Woolworth DE / world WOOLWO Retail
XXXLutz: s. Lutz-Gruppe AT / DE / EU XXLUTZ DIY and Furniture
ZF-Gruppe DE / world ZFINFO Automotive
Zielpunkt DE ZIELPU Retail


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