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29.11.2017 Foundation of a European consortium on E-INVOICING

EDICENTER is currently participating in a European Commission competition to build an eInvoicing infrastructure according to the latest EU Directives. Candidate is a consortium consisting of three companies: the Lithuanian SIS (Sistemų integracijos sprendimai / Systemintegrationslösungen), the EDICENTER from Germany and – as participants from a third country – our proven Belarusian partner CTT (Современные технологии торговли / Modern Trade Technology).

CTT – Moderne Handelstechnologie GmbH<br> (ООО «Современные технологии торговли»)

Sistemų integracijos sprendimai


EDI Center GmbH, Gutenbergstr. 15, 86356 Neusaess

Tel. +49 (0)821 24659-0,,

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