At the initiative of Sergey Tumel from Belarus (CCT) and Thomas Hacker from Germany (EDICENTER), after a good six months of preparation the European EDI network (EEDIN) is founded .

At the kick-off meeting on 15 and 16 January 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, representatives from nine European countries (inside and outside the EU) will meet for the official foundation. Other interested parties are already knocking on the door.

The EEDIN is a commercial association of selected EDI providers that offers our (potential) customers an optimal EDI data network through technical and sales cooperation. Valuable regional experience and national expertise are bundled professionally and will soon be available to all our customers easily.

Under the new internet domain currently you can find only a reference to the congress, without further content. Here, within a few weeks after the kick-off meeting, a website will be created.